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Search Engine Optimization

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SEOSearch engine optimization is the core of your digital marketing strategy because it can greatly help improve your company’s online image. It can optimize your website and place it in the Google rankings so that you can search in a competitive environment. A strong digital strategy seeks to maximize sales while minimizing customer acquisition costs.

As a leading SEO company in India, we provide a full range of digital services for your business. Our point of view goes beyond your company’s online marketing because we believe in brand building. We use all tried and tested SEO strategies to ensure that your corporate website enters the first page of Google.

  1. Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  2. Design and Content Optimization
  3. Local and International Search Optimization
  4. Mobile Optimization
  5. Video SEO
  6. Link Building
  7. Web Marketing Analytics
  8. Reporting and KPIs

SEO Services

Get SEO Services from SEO Experts in Gurgaon

Keyword Research

Using the right keywords is the key to a successful SEO campaign, because the power of these keywords will drive your search rankings. We use various online tools to search for popular keywords that may bring your website to the top. We make sure that they are consistent with the latest Google updates to keep traffic flowing.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of online competitors and use them as opportunities. Our digital marketing experts conduct in-depth analysis of the keywords used by competitors and help you choose those that beat them to stay ahead.

Website Audit And Optimization

SEO audit and optimization are critical to maintaining the online ranking of a website. We help you find and correct defects that can reduce your website’s ranking. We have assembled strategies such as link building, SEO tagging, and content optimization to achieve the online success of your website.

Traffic Generation

Online traffic generation is a complex process that relies on multiple channels. Our SEO experts have experience combining various marketing tools to generate high traffic for your website. These include social media, public relations and brand promotion, mobile search engine optimization, multimedia search engine optimization, local and international search optimization, etc.

Reporting and Analysis

The SEO business journey goes beyond traffic generation, user engagement and analysis. Good SEO practice also includes reports. Our SEO team provides clients with interpretable reports so they can evaluate the benefits of the campaign. We also provide consulting services to help you translate these metrics into tangible business results.

Search Engine Penalty Recovery

Search engine penalties can be a big problem for your website, because it can damage your online visibility to a large extent. We extend support to handle various situations to recover pages that have been moderately or severely penalized. We make necessary changes to the page and establish back-end tracking to keep your website running normally.

SEO Consultancy

Team of experts is always provide the result based work to their client's. Always find the best SEO consultant for your website or business.

Content Marketing

Proper way of content marketing is always comes with the best results. With the help of content marketing we capture more customers.

Keyword Research

Keyword's are the base of any website and if your website is ranked on irrelevant keywords. Then there is less chances of conversation.

First Working Process

Work is always on the first priority and we have a first come first serve policy. So, if you are the first you will always be the first by the end of your project.

Dedicated Team Member

You get full support on call or mail during the business hours. So, don't think much If you need help just call us.

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pricing Plans

Easy plans for all types of client's

We have all types of service plans for you. If you are start your website and looking for the affordable price for your work. Digital Anki is always be the best option for you.


Basic Plan

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  •   Strategy & Research
  •   Business & Finance Analysing
  •   SEO Optimization
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Premium Plan

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  •   Strategy & Research
  •   Business & Finance Analysing
  •   SEO Optimization
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Standart Plan

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  •   Strategy & Research
  •   Business & Finance Analysing
  •   SEO Optimization
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